Balloon Sinuplasty - Revolutionary Treatment for Sinusitis
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Balloon Sinuplasty

This is a revolutionary treatment for sinusitis. A small balloon catheter is inserted into the sinus openings and inflated for a few seconds. The sinus openings are dilated, and they tend to stay that way. This leads to ventilation & drainage of the sinuses, and the sinuses go back to normal once the sinusitis is resolved.

This is a minimally invasive technique where the frontal, maxillary and sphenoid sinuses can be treated without cutting of bone and virtually no blood loss. The time taken for this surgical procedure is usually short and the patient’s recovery is usually quick. Patients are usually able to attend their office for work within a couple of days after the procedure.

The lining of the sinuses is preserved in this procedure, and that is why the results are excellent.

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