Chronic Cough and Sore Throat Advanced Treatment by Dr. Shalabh Sharma
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Chronic cough & Sore throat

Cough can be due to multiple factors, and sometimes more than one factor may coexist.

Common causes are an allergic cough, chesty cough due to bronchospasm, post nasal drip due to allergic rhinitis or sinusitis, laryngopharyngeal reflux, lung diseases like tuberculosis/ asthma/ bronchitis/ sarcoidosis/ interstitial lung disease etc

Diagnosis may involve tests such as diagnostic nasal endoscopy, laryngeal video endoscopy, spirometry, chest x-ray, CT scan chest, upper GI endoscopy etc.

An acute cough is usually easy to treat with medication. A chronic cough can be more resistant to treatment unless the correct diagnosis is made by clinical examination and investigations.

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