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Deafness In Adults

A progressive hearing loss may be an inherited disorder. Some diseases like ‘Otosclerosis’ may also lead to a slowly progressive hearing loss. A hearing test called pure tone audiometry would give information regarding the type and degree of hearing loss, and help in making a diagnosis

Many patients may have a perforation of their eardrum called CSOM and suffer from a recurrent wet ear which requires ear drops to help it to become dry. Such patients will ultimately require a surgical procedure called ‘Tympanoplasty’ in which the eardrum is ‘grafted’ or repaired. This will give the patient a dry and hearing ear.


Otosclerosis causes a conductive hearing loss and is usually treated with surgery called ‘Stapedotomy’

Some patients would be prescribed digital hearing aids, which are nowadays very small and technically advanced and give good results. A wide variety of hearing aids are available at the ENT & Dental Centre. Our audiologist is an expert in the prescription and fitting of digital hearing aids.

Age-related hearing loss which affects some people more than others is also managed with hearing aids. Adults who develop mild to severe hearing loss also may require to undergo a Cochlear Implant Surgery, usually with excellent results, as usually they do not get adequate benefit with hearing aids.

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