Microscopic Ear Surgery and Middle Ear Reconstruction by Dr Shalabh Sharma
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Microscopic Ear Surgery and Middle Ear Reconstruction

Myringotomy & Grommet insertion - This is a minor procedure to make a small incision on the eardrum and suck out the fluid from the middle ear under microscope. In adults, this can be carried out in the out-patient clinic. However, in children, this does require short anesthetic in the operation theatre. Sometimes, if the fluid is thick, a ventilation tube called a grommet may be inserted into the eardrum at the same sitting. This grommet stays in the drum for a period of 6-12 months and then falls out spontaneously.

Tympanoplasty - This procedure is indicated in patients with perforations of the eardrum. Sometimes, an additional procedure called a cortical mastoidectomy may also be necessary to clean out the infection or disease in the mastoid bone. The aim of the surgery is to heal the perforation in the ear drum and give the patient a dry ear with functional hearing. The success rate of this surgery varies between 85-90%.

Masoidectomy - A more extensive procedure called a canal wall down (CWD) mastoidectomy is indicated in cases with Cholesteatoma or granulation disease of the middle ear and mastoid. The aim of the surgery is to eradicate the disease and make the ear safe, dry and give functional hearing to the patient. Replacement of the diseased ossicular chain is usually required but may not always be successful in these patients.

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