Effective ENT Infection Control Measures by Dr. Shalabh Sharma


Infection control and sterilization protocol

Dr Sharmas clinic, The ENT & Dental Centre follows stringent sterilization and infection control protocols. The five step sterilization protocol ensures each instrument is rendered completely safe and hygienic for further use. The sterilization protocol involves pre soaking of instruments in an anti-microbial solution, physical scrubbing using soap and water to remove debris, dipping the instruments in an ultrasonic bath, soaking them further in a chemical disinfectant which destroys all bacteria and viruses. In the final step the instruments are packed in sterile individual pouches and placed in an autoclave. This step makes sure all instruments are totally sterilized to the highest standards.

At the centre disposables are widely used for the safety of the patients and staff. The medical waste is disposed off responsibly through a registered biomedical waste company. Each room is equipped with air purifiers to provide a clean air experience to the patients while in the clinic. The clinic supports sustainable measures to reduce plastic waste and conserve resources for the welfare of the environment.

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